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Join your colleagues for SPF 2020, July 8-10 in Minneapolis.

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New report details PhD survey results.

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2020 Kickoff Party

Experience a night of New Orleans flavor in the Big Easy.

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Latest News

Not Just the West: Gender Norms Affect Attitudes Towards Gay Men and Lesbian Women Globally

A study of attitudes towards sexual minorities in 23 countries show more negative views towards gay men than lesbian women, but culture creates some variation on who holds the negative attitudes.


5 Tips for Early Career Members at #SPSP2020

Heading to New Orleans for SPSP2020? Check out these tips for making the most of your convention experience.


Character and Context Blog

The Persuasive Power of “You”

by Ariana Orvell

Something as seemingly minor as a pronoun can affect people’s judgments of the right way to act.


Do Narcissists Feel as Good about Themselves and Their Lives as They Seem To? A Lie Detector Investigation

by Amy B. Brunell

We led narcissists to believe that a lie detector could tell us if they were lying about how awesome they think they are.


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