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Applying to Grad School

Deciding to go to graduate school in personality or social psychology can be a great decision. It can also be confusing and overwhelming. The SPSP Student Committee has put together resources to help you decide whether going to grad school in social or personality psychology is right for you, if you’re ready, what you can do to prepare, and what to expect regarding the process.

Image of a college graduate in a cap and gown holding a diploma



Road Map to Graduate School in Social and Personality Psychology: A Guide for Students by Students (Download PDF)

This comprehensive guide touches on topics such as:

  • Preparation before your application year
  • Whether a master’s or PhD program might be right for you
  • Advice on personal statements, recommendation letters, and interviews
  • Checklists and timelines
  • Plus much more!

Deciding to Apply to Graduate School: Use our Decision Tree (Download PDF)

Preparing for Graduate School: A Visual Graphic of What Matters Most (Download PDF)

Application Tracker: A template for keeping track of your applications (Download Excel file)


Special thanks to Jenny Barton (Member-at-Large for Undergraduate Affairs, UT Austin) and Hannah Moshontz (Chair, Duke) for spearheading this project with important contributions from SC Members-at-Large Angela Robinson (UC Irvine) and Mona El-Hout (University of South Florida).