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Rejection Based on Stigmatization is Particularly Distressing

Diverse people looking at thoughtful frustrated man in cafe sitting alone at table
Rejection is always upsetting, but being devalued and rejected because one has a stigmatized identity is particularly distressing and undermines trust.

What WAS that Masked Man Saying? How Wearing a Mask May Influence Our Interactions with Other People

Young man and woman with face masks chat in office
We know that masks can reduce COVID-19 transmission, but how are they affecting our ability to communicate with each other? A psychologist who studies how well people understand each other offers some speculations.

Who Brings You Up When You’re Feeling Down?

Black man soothing upset girlfriend
Empathic people who are trying to be empathic actually end up being less empathic.

Was Trump’s ‘Hope’ Comey’s Command? We Asked a Language Expert

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Much of former FBI Director James Comey’s recent congressional testimony hinged on a single utterance from President Donald Trump: “hope.”

According to Comey, on Feb. 14 President Trump dismissed the other participants from an Oval Office meeting and requested that Comey stay behind for a one-on-one conversation. During this conversation Trump reportedly said:

“I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go. He is a good guy. I hope you can let this go.”

Can a Brief Pause Get in the Way of Toddler Learning?

Teacher and toddler doing therapy using emoji emotions
The ability of toddlers to learn new words may be affected by how often their interactions with parents and other caregivers are interrupted by modern technology.